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bonna estonia

After going through several so-called well known consultancy firms to go abroad for pursuing my higher studies, I was about to drop the idea due to their mismanagement ; but then I came to about “Moves education” for my last hope and think what they were really so helpful and professional and finally with their help I got my student visa! I highly recommend every single one who are willing to get a foreign degree must come to “Moves education” only if you want to fulfill your dreams.


Blessed!! Masha’llah with the help of “Moves Education” finally I got my student visa. I personally recommend “Moves education”

moves german

I am really so grateful to “Moves Education” just because only due to their help I believe I got my student visa.


All the people working for “Moves Education” are highly professional & I can confidently say that! Because I strongly believe, only with their assistance I got my student visa for Estonia.


Since I was a student from Bengali version, I had a little weakness to speak English; for getting my student visa, what helped me more is the “Visa interview training program” by “Moves Education” I highly recommend “MOVES EDUCATION”.


I don’t think I would be able to get my student visa without the help of “Moves Education”. They just made my life so easy in the terms of getting my student visa for Canada.

sabbir german

I heard the name “Moves Education” from one of my friend who recently flew for Germany and he suggested me to contact “Moves” while I was also planning to go abroad and think… what is the best part in this, I have also got my student visa with the help of “Moves Education”. Now I suggest everyone only “Moves Education” who wants to go abroad to complete their higher education.

zerin canada

Being a girl I was not able to move everywhere with my necessary documents, but thanks to “Moves Education”. They helped me so much to get my student visa. I really appreciate their hard work and professionalism.

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